If you have a passion for cooking, then it is a great idea to stock up your kitchen with some of the most useful and stylish accessories that all cooks need. Using the right piece of equipment can cut your preparation time and massively influence the final dish you end up with.

Selecting accessories for your kitchen can be an overwhelming process, as there are many different ones to choose from. Let’s take a look at five of the accessories every cook needs for their kitchen. You may even find that by acquiring some of these accessories, you become a better cook!

Serving Tray  

A serving tray is a functional accessory to have in any of the rooms in your house, but it can be even more useful for your kitchen. A serving tray is a trendy tool that is becoming increasingly popular as a way for cooks to present their food. Many cooks will serve their food on a serving tray to give it a unique chic-appeal.

A walnut wood serving tray is a great addition to a dining table, as it is easily portable around the house while acting as an attractive serving piece during events and gatherings. It can also make for a great way to take your loved one breakfast in bed in the morning!

Chef’s Knife & Sharpener  

One of the main accessories that all cooks need to assist them in the kitchen is a decent knife set and knife sharpener. Having a good knife can make preparation time a lot easier, as well as quicker. You may be used to buying cheaper knife sets, but you will find that if you spend a little more money when purchasing a knife, you will get much better results in the kitchen.

It is also worth investing in a knife sharpener, as this can help maintain your knife investments and keep them sharper and more efficient for longer.

Herb Scissors

A pair of herb scissors may seem like a random accessory to need in your kitchen, but you will be surprised at how helpful they can be. Herb scissors are a unique set of scissors with strong steel blades that can cope with plant stems. They make adding herbs much easier and less messy.


Mandolins are found in nearly all professional kitchens and are an essential accessory for a budding cook. Whilst cooking with a decent sharp knife is the ideal way to prepare your ingredients, by using a mandolin, you can use several blades to slice vegetables down to an extremely thin texture.

While the mandolins you will find in a professional kitchen are made from stainless steel and can be extremely expensive, there are cheaper plastic alternatives that are great for meal prepping.  

Potato Ricer

Mash potato is a very popular side dish in many a home cooked meal, but it can be difficult to create a soft and creamy mashed potato that everyone prefers. While it isn’t difficult to end up with a lumpy and gooey textured mash, you are also at risk of overcooking the potatoes and making them too sticky to work with.

Therefore, you need a potato ricer. This tool will process your potatoes into smaller chunks so that you can create that yummy mash texture. The potato ricer pushes the potato through small holes (around the size of a grain of rice), which helps you mash them into a smoother form of mash.

Here are just a few of the accessories every cook needs in their kitchen to help them create some of their best food yet!

Image Source: Unsplsh.com

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